Living Small

4 people living in 400 square feet
This is a story about 2 young parents with 2 small kids trying to make their life better.  Better for us and better for our kids.  Long story short Derrick (that's my man) and I started back to school a little over 2 years ago.  He for a drafting certificate, and me for nursing.  Since he's known me I have always been an avid cheerleader for education and living your life to the fullest.  I was always saying "Just do it! the years are going to pass anyway and you don't want to look back in regret"  Well at some point he drank the koolaid and I drank a little too! He is now on track to earn a bachelors in engineering and I am just about finished with my prerequisites for a masters in Physicians Assistant studies (I still have to get into a PA program so cross your fingers for me!)
Anywayyyyyyy there came a point where we had to make some hard financial decisions. Basically we had to ditch our rent payment. We briefly discussed moving in with some family members on the hubs side and were about to go through with it when my parents offered up the garage apartment on the family we went to take a look and this is what we saw...
Are your scuuured? I was a little too, but I thought you know what we will have privacy. We will live on a beautiful farm, and most importantly I won't live with any other women of menstruating age (this is important for sanity).  So what if we don't actually have a shower in our apartment, a room for our kids, or a real kitchen to speak of...that's ok...right?  I convinced my husband only because I thought if I could convince him then I could convince myself.  I was having anxiety about it the minute we turned in the keys to our old place.
I present to you the only sink in the place...located in the "living room" There just aren't words for this kind of ugliness.
Here is the bathroom (if it can even be called that) The toilet seat looks pee stained but I think its just old plastic...and although you will have to fold yourself up like a praying mantis to use works
You would be amazed what some paint and a couple of trips to Ikea will do to a place.  Mostly paint though. We painted and painted and painted, until we never wanted to see a paint brush/roller again.
We even painted the floor...did I mention its concrete? We got some carpet padding and a new carpet remnant off craigslist for the bedroom, so its soft underfoot in there
Here it is so far.
This sides of the counter have been tiled and the garbage area painted to match the rest of the wall
It's definitely still a work in progress. We plan to be here for 3 years (gasp! sometimes I wonder if I will even make it that long) so there will be adjustments as the kids grow.  Right now they sleep with us mostly on the couch, but they are getting a little big so we need to buy a queen sleeper sofa.  We also curse our mini fridge on the regular, so a new condo fridge would be fantastic!
Plus you just can't beat looking out the window in the morning and seeing this
or waking up just in time to catch this
or walking down to this view
They don't have leaf piles like this in an apartment complex
Plus I get to live right next door to my dad, and the kids LOVE their Poppa
I will continue to blog about my little misadventures of living in tight quarters and will update this page with all my little improvements to the place.