Our Wedding

My Husband and I eloped in San Diego.

The trip to San Diego had already been planned for some time, and Derrick and I had come to the realization that spending several thousand dollars on a wedding just wasn't the right thing for us and as large as my family is, what we had saved wasn't going to go very far anyway.   Derrick finally said to me "Let's just elope"  I was completely on board.  I ordered a dress from J Crew and a veil off etsy then quickly had some announcements made by Tiny Prints. My girlfrends in San Diego adjusted their plans so that we could make it happen. Suzanne took pictures, Julia witnessed, and Jessica was already ordained, so she married us.  We snuck into Balboa Park (minus a permit) and waited for the courtyard we'd scoped out days prior to clear. We went in, exchanged our vows, and then enjoyed a great dinner at The Prado.

We had mailed off the announcements the day before so that our families would receive them prior our homecoming.  Our elopement was met with mixed reviews.  Some family members felt angry and slighted, while others really understood our need to not deal with the financial burden of a big to-do.

The next day we drove off to Disneyland and spent the day in the Magic Kingdom. It was wonderful, and although I sometimes long for that special day, I know that the love that is between us, and the everyday exchanges we have with each other are more important than a big wedding.