December 14, 2012

Well, friends, it really has been a long time. Maybe its the horrible news today, maybe its the very slightest feeling of wellness after 5 days of the worst stomach flu I have EVER had...whatever it is I am ready to write again. Perhaps its that I have had about 4 days in bed, doing nothing, and my mind has had the opportunity to stop running, and I have been able to snuggle my kids at will for as long as I want without having to worry about getting up and getting something done. Its been nice, and as the holiday approaches I plan on doing a lot more of it.

 Tonight I hear heartbreaking news from Connecticut. I am deeply saddened...I dont want to let myself go there... to that utter sadness at the very thought of an event that would rip my children from my arms forever... so instead we are on our 3rd Christmas movie and I am hugging my children whenever I please, and wrapping some presents. I suppose I could tell you what I have been up to and all my plans for the coming year (of which I have many) but instead I just want to tell you all (mostly my friends and family that read this) I love you VERY much. I hope this holiday brings friendship & family, warmth, compassion, reconciliation, love, love, and more love. It really shouldn't take the holiday to remind us of these things; we should endeavor to honor them all year round... but any opportunity to gather the best in ourselves and spread it around should be appreciated. If we dont see you in person please know we send our love!


Have a happy holiday! Hug your loved ones!!