May 17, 2012

The real deal...

This is what I really want. I want to study, practice, study, and practice some more...I want to take my photography to the next level and refine my artistic personal style. I want to do this more than I want to be a P.A.


That was hard to say. Its hard to admit that the career path you have been on isn't your passion ALTHOUGH I think its perfectly acceptable to make calculated career move in order to accomplish life goals...which is what I did when I embarked on an education in the medical industry.

But lately...I just want to be with my kids and take pictures...


Be with my kids AND take pictures... pretty simple right? You are probably saying "duh! why dont you just do that then???" well Im getting there. I am starting to believe that I can accomplish the goal of putting my kids through college and padding my retirement nicely and still do something I am passionate about...but I know I gotta go all in and that is SCARY. And by all in I mean camera equipment, web page, legal contracts, promotional materials, image ordering, ORGANIZATION!!! etc etc etc

Which gets me to the point of this post. I really feel I could benefit from a mentorship and I have been eying this workshop for some time. I really want to do it!!!

I had already decided that once Derrick graduated from school I would buy a seat at her workshop, but now she is giving away a free I am entering, and blogging about it is part of the entry process BUT its also a way for me to put my intentions out into the universe.

I dont know why I have been so scared to do tell people.

 Well...Now you know! So send me prayers, loving energy, good vibes like rainbow lasers and unicorns, good juju...WHATEVER!! send it my way! I need it :) SMOOOOCH!!

I am off to finalize party plans for a certain 4 yr old about to be 5!!


haha! you thought this post was done...NOPE! for good measure I am throwing in a picture of my sweet son :)