April 13, 2012

Oh hey, its me again...

I make no excuses! I have been busy being a mom to the most beautiful children I know, and a half-assed housewife to the hottest man I know (who I am extremely lucky to be married to)

Seriously. I better figure out what I want to be when I grow up because the lord surely knows I cant juggle a job and my home.

But in all seriousness I have stepped back to focus on my kids, my life, my thoughts (hence the blog absence). I am really struggling here. I have been offered the job of a lifetime by my husband, who wouldn't care either way if I worked or stayed home (oh, I love that man)...and today I felt like I could be kind of good at it if it were truly my only job. I actually enjoyed standing up to the sink and working away for over an hour on the dishes. When I was done I felt a supreme satisfaction. And because I had nothing else going on I had infinite patience for my kids (until about 7pm, but that's pretty good!)

I really don't know what the right answer is so for now I am going to pray about it...think about it...let the idea ruminate. I am also contemplating (if I do choose a career outside of the house) going in a slightly different direction, but I am holding those details close. Im just not ready to share...not yet anyway.

Since my birthday I have been busy finishing up chemistry...scraped by with an A...but I am not sure I want to do that again...chemistry that is. School ended a couple of weeks ago and I did not sign up for the new term. I just need to chill out. Still doing photography, but I am doing personal projects only at this time. I feel my art going in a different direction. I still love portraiture but I want to do more projects, themes, editorial type work. It highly personal, and for me only... and I like that. Me making art for myself...not to meet someone else' expectation. I still take clients, but by word of mouth only now.

This is my son Kellan, and below is my cousins beautiful daughter, Scout. We met up for a day at the zoo and I was fortunate to get these images (no one was cooperating for the camera!)



I've also been snapping photos of our wee home...for our own personal record AND because I have been fantasizing about entering it into Apartment Therapy's small cool contest...not that I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting noticed (some of the spaces are so incredible!!) but...well...just because its on my list.




Yeah. It needs something above the bed...not sure what just yet...also for the sake of full disclosure, this is what things really look like

I just cant pretend my house is perfection, so while I will give you the warm fuzzies with the neat and clean pics, I want to show you what things looked like immediately behind my back.  Funny thing is, I like the way it looked all paired down so much that I immediately started making decisions about what did not need to come back into the space...most of it was junk I needed to get rid of anyway. Christmas is the beginning of the crap load that comes in and takes up residence until spring. I had wanted to de-clutter over spring break but that was a total bust so today was the day. Hopefully I will have things so cleared out that it will look near like this all the time...here's hoping!