April 18, 2012

making lemonade out of lemons

Well yesterday was a big ol dose of reality...not that I ever thought I was held up to some standard of perfection...but now you know the real truth, ha!

When you're given lemons, you gotta make lemonade...or squeeze it into a papercut if you just want to be miserable...I'm going to make lemonade 

I love my pinterest boards because it allows me to collect images of interiors I admire and save them for inspiration for that someday home. Well someday is likely a lot farther off than I ever thought. Derrick has another year of school and then I have another 2-3 years depending on the programs. By the time we get done we will have a hefty amount of student loan debt...looks like its rentals for us.

I think you can still make a rental look unique, although its harder here in Oregon if you live in the burbs where its all white walls and beige carpet...but I think it can still be done with pops of color in your furniture and accessories

such as a large painted piece. I especially love the aluminum stools


These pink chairs add a fun pop of color, and a large chalk board could easily be made with a thin sheet of wood and some trim around it...you can hang it up in your apartment and take it when you leave :)


here is a good example of layering neutrals and small bits of color

white walls
(source unknown)

and a final random...I wanna hang this on my wall...


Notice how both the interiors (save for the chalkboard wall) have white walls...even apartments can be stylish! 



Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

You are the queen of decorating! I love the ideas you found and they seem very implementable in a rental situation.