April 17, 2012

Apartment Therapy small cool contest and such...

So much of the past couple of years have felt "up in the air" with nothing really solid to rely on. Lost of change and lots of uncertainty. I have really been struggling to try and accept it so that I can let the associated anxiety go, rather than carry it around like a burdensome suitcase. It has been hard...and yet some days it has seemed easy and breezy...is this a hormonal woman thing?

I decided not to enter our place into the small cool contest. I am so proud of what we have done here and I do in a way want to say "hey world! look what I did??? we live crazy small and managed to take something ugly and improve on it immensely!!" but the entry that I really want to send them would be more like " hey look at my small space underneath all of the laundry and crap piled up everywhere... there is a decor gem in here!! oh just step around that swept pile and never mind the millions of shoes strewn about...you see what I am really talking about right??" I am guessing apartment therapy isn't going to accept that submission... so I am going to post it right here...the real deal about living this small with 2 kids...




real life includes constantly rearranging things


we take pictures of our outfits sometimes...but the background is...tragedy.

I'd like to say that was a day of "rearranging" but it was more like a month *bows head in shame and embarrassment*


random crockpot...what the #%&$!


So there you go! take that apartment therapy! (I dont really mean that...I LOVE apartment therapy...but mocking makes me feel better...really its just self deprecation, rather than mocking...right??)