February 16, 2012

my baby turns six today

This sweet girl is six already...I cannot believe it.

She is sweet, sassy, and full of surprises. Her potential is limitless and I cant wait to help her realize all her aspirations.

Happy Birthday to my Parker Olivia! You are beautiful on the inside and out and I cherish you!!


Parker is lucky because she shares her birthday with her Aunt Nikki.


Nikki thought it would be really cool for Parker to be born on her birthday until it actually happened. Its hard to be turning 12 and nobody's paying attention because your older brother is having a baby..Ever since she has been a huge part of Parker's life and I am so happy that Parker will have another woman to go to for advice...because we all know you stop telling your mom everything when you turn, mmm, about 12.

Happy Birthday Nikki!!