February 9, 2012

just a reminder

I have to do that...remind myself that I am ultimately not in control.

This scripture was so perfect today. It just spoke to my heart.

So I am sharing it with you :)

humble yourself

I have been pretty much bedbound for the last couple days (save for the trips to the chiropractor) and even sitting was hurting me so much. Today is the first day that I feel like my back is on the mend. I was able to fold clothes while sitting and I was even able to sit at my computer for a little earlier today... I decided to go through pictures...I found this one...


I cant believe how much my baby boy has grown *sigh* LOVE LOVE LOVE that boy!

AND speaking of love (prepare for shameless plug) its almost valentines day! I am so excited to celebrate! If you haven't got a valentine yet, please visit my site for a custom valentine.

winsome ginger advert

Finally I want to say thank you for all the prayers, loving thoughts, positive energy, and radness like laser rainbow beams that everyone has been sending my way. I appreciate each and every one of those thoughts.