January 9, 2012

School and other tidbits...

Well, I'm at it again...chemistry...ready or not here I come! I am feeling so much more optimistic about it. I have so much more balance in my life (in general) these days, AND Derrick and I were just high-fiving each other for replacing our 1 desk for 2 separate desks. We both agreed that we desperately needed our own study space where nothing gets moved by another person. That ALWAYS throws me! I cant deal with my stuff being moved. I have to completely re organize my brain. So 2 desks was near genius for us.

Classes officially open up tomorrow and I have already almost completed the required reading for the first week and also introduced myself (its an online class) and completed the first quiz...check, check, and check! feels good to get that out of the way, and frees me up to do more fun things after the kids have gone to bed (8pm tonight! YESSSS!)...like surf pinterest and catch up on blog reading...my new favorite happens to be Atlantic Pacific.  Her outfit combos are classy, fun, and creative. I have been wanting some bright tights for the last couple of months and now thanks to Atlantic-Pacific I have a couple more outfits ideas to incorporate those bright tights... I will of course put my own twist on it.

purple 4

Lastly I started my photography lighting class at New Space. They have so many great classes for those looking to improve their craft or explore new areas of photography. Currently they have a fantastic exhibit by Evgenia Arbugaeva. Her work is beautiful and  fascinating. The Tiksi exhibit is incredible (and can be seen in person at New Space) and I wish I could afford to purchase one of her photos. If you have the time or inclination I SERIOUSLY recommend going to see it. The photographs are captivating and the story behind them is just as interesting.

I would love to share my favorites from her exhibit, but I am not sure that it would be good artist etiquette so I would encourage you to go in person or at the least visit her site...

Anywayyy, I promise not to word vomit on you the next time I check in ;)