January 26, 2012

tra la la

I have high hopes for today for a couple of reasons...

I dont have to work today (yay!)

My nephew is coming over for a playdate and I have been missing him...trying to imagine a peaceful household even though it will probably be chaos...

ALSO I am looking forward my lighting class this Sunday...if the weather holds we will be shooting outside. This is what we have been doing  up until now...



Also I have FINALLY started designing Christmas cards for my etsy shop...yep, I have an etsy shop and when I am ready I will open it. It will have premade photo cards for the holidays and various announcements...

kind of like this little birthday ditty I made up for Parker's upcoming 6th birthday

parkers birthday card

they will be very reasonably priced AND I will also do custom work as well. Stay tuned for that :)

Now I am off t0 clean  the house...we will see how far I get.

Happy Thursday!