January 31, 2012

To say things have been busy is like the understatement of the year, but I feel as if I am taking things much more in stride whereas before I would have been a total basketcase and stressed to the max. Now I am taking an approach of one thing at a time. Seems like a no brainer but I really never tackled things in that manner...I would get seriously overwhelmed thinking I had to get to everything in one day. Now I make a list of things that have to be done, and usually just pick 2 most important, then I keep a an ongoing list of things I want to get done and try and tackle just one of those a day. So if I get more done its a major bonus!

So if you know me you will not be surprised to learn that I have added one more thing into the mix...why do I do this to myself?? So on top of chemistry class, photography class, working 35 hours, and parenting.....

I now have an etsy shop

winsome ginger advert

 I was having way too much fun creating my little cards and photo cards. When people started asking me why I wasn't selling them I had to ask myself the same question. So here I am. I have valentines day cards featured right now but will soon be adding birthday, birth announcements, save the dates, wedding invitations etc. Ambitious? Yes, but if I tackle just one a day I ought to be able to handle it ;) Check out my shop, Winsome Ginger here