January 12, 2012

sucker for stripes

I think you know you have a problem when you open your drawer and almost every shirt you own is striped.

like every one.

In the spirit of branching out, I am on the hunt for some solid colored tops (that arent black) to throw into the mix...and maybe spreading the stripes to other pieces.  Can you get where I am headed here? You didn't really think I was truly reining myself in on the stripes, did you?

I have had these images pinned to my Style File pinboard for some time, so when I was at Forever 21 the other day and spied a striped skirt just like it (for 7.80 no less) I was like "Holla!" I snatched that bad boy up and a navy one too...




Ever since I stopped working in a profession where I am required to get dressed up for work I feel like my style efforts have been so lackluster.  I need to mix it up and not be afraid to where fun, dressier, pieces and accessories.  I am working on what I call casual chic. And I am doing it on a budget...

Here are some other outfits with striped pieces that I am loving


1 copy

Other unrelated thoughts I am having these days...why did I cut my hair!!?? More on that later...



Kelly said...

ditto on the stripes lady! i love all the looks and they are so you!

p.s. DO NOT BLAME ME ABOUT THE HAIR (I think you look fab and younger with short hair) xoxoxo

Lauren The Blond said...

I need to find you on pinterest... but I'm still way too confused on how to use that site.... PS Love this post! Adorable stuff. Wishing I had piles of money to do some shoppin....