January 23, 2012

back at it

student...employee...mom...once again I am wearing many hats. I dont feel like I am drowning yet, but I fear if I get sick or behind that I will just be a head bobbing in the water.

We are gonna try and avoid that this term.

I am proud to say that I have really been trying to stay ahead of the game on my homework and studies for chemistry. Mostly because I really want to get an A, not because I give a rip about chemistry...don't even remotely care...and I blame it on the math BUT I digress.

Sooooo I find that I am significantly more relaxed and sane when things are tidy and organized...which is rarely AND only when my husband has made sure things got done (love you honey!!)

In that vein I have been trying to think of small products and projects that will create more order in my home. I read this article about getting rid of clutter and found it to be really helpful, especially the part about having a Launching Pad which is discussed in greater detail here.
I really don't have the space for a launch pad but I am making a mental note of it for when we have an apartment...or lord I cant wait for the day when we have a place that is just a wee bit bigger

One place that I really need to reign in the piles is on top of my dresser. I think I am going to start by pulling all my jewelry off and doing this with it.

Um can we talk about how great this is? I wish I had the room to do this...wish wish wish

We have an expedit and I would like it to look more like this...

Source: flickr.com via Jana on Pinterest

Instead of like this


Thats me in my fab jcrew skirt. I was trying to send my sister (fellow jcrew lover) a pic of me in it, but NEVERMIND THAT...the expedit behind me is what I am trying to show you...for the love of god, that is SO wrong...thats just bad...I cant believe I just showed you that.  Equally as bad are my sad boobs...this is me keeping it real... breastfeeding equals sad boobs...

sad boobs

BUT I digress

It actually looks a lot better now but nothing like I want. Um talking about the expedit now...not my boobs

What do you do to stay organized...got any tips? I am all ears :)