September 13, 2011

Keeping up with the Jones'

I just have to give THE biggest THANK YOU from the bottom of my trim needing heart to my friends Kelly and Ben. They graciously came over on the hottest day of the year and helped me put up trim in my home. It needed it SO bad...the walls were crumbling in my wee place.

I will post before and after pics later but first


from the bottom of my heart, I mean it!  And to top it off, she gave me this little lovely to hang.  I put it on the front door to snap a pic of it, but I love it too much. I'm putting it inside so I can stare at it all day long.

107 copy

Also, because I can't help myself, I snapped this picture of Parker...second day of school BUT first day riding the bus...very important milestone. She protested the whole riding of the bus situation but then came home today and decided she liked it and wanted to continue riding the bus :)

027 copy