September 12, 2011

It feels good to say no

I'll tell ya, it really does. To take back your life and make decisions based on gut, not worrying about what other people will think or feel. Most of you who know me probably are surprised to hear me say that...I'm usually a pretty stand up gal but I still was saying yes to everyone but myself and my family and often ignoring my gut. Well I have stopped cold turkey and I am feeling pretty good about it. Today I met someone to buy something off Craigslist. I was certain I was going to like what they had and buy it...then I looked at it and felt it had been grossly misrepresented. I just looked at him and said "I am sorry if I have wasted your time but it doesn't look like what I would expect of something this age " It felt good to say no, to not question my gut feeling but instead to go with it...Jana 1, Craigslist guy 0...sorry dude.

This past Monday was another case of just going with the gut and doing what I really felt we should do. We have been really low on funds pretty much all the time for the last 2 years but especially these past couple of months but I bit the bullet pulled some money out of the account and took the kids to the fair. Memories must be made. We cant stop our adventures or limit ourselves so much that the journey of this life is miserable. So I did it. I loaded the car up, picked up Grandma Jan, grabbed some Burgerville, and we headed to the State Fair. It was both hot misery and childhood joy. It was nice to have my mom along too. She helped so much AND bought the kids things I would not have (like that ridiculous striped cat that cost us $20 in tokens because mom and I suck at darts) and we talked and spent the day together and just enjoyed being in the moment. It was great.

And she was super patient as I snapped away...all the sites the fair has to offer. Its even more fun to capture it through my lens.


205 copy

182 copy

210 copy

Painted faces.


Fun hats! The owner of this shop got super PO'd that we took a picture of the hat but didn't buy it...oops, sorry lady.


Carnies. We had one great experience and one super crappy experience both with carnies and it really just reminded me how important attitude is in life.


Me and Mom. It's like me posing next to my own age progression. You look great Mom!


This guy thought it was morning...he sounded his 6am alarm the entire time we were in the barn.


These fluffy bunnies were my absolute favorite!


These horses were huge and beautiful :)


All in all it was a great day.

I plan on spending many more days of quality time with the family. We need it so much. The rest. The respite from the daily grind. The renewal so we can start another term and what has been, historically, our toughest time of year. I am trusting God though. Praying for strength, guidance, and for him to illuminate his path for me so that I may follow it with a willing and happy heart. I know he is working in our life. Every time I ask him for a sign it is gently provided. Small tokens that my younger self would not have recognized. I feel grateful. I feel loved. I continue to learn to be content with what I have knowing that everything I need will be the $100.00 that came in the mail today to replace the money I spent at the fair ;)

small tokens.


Jenni @ RainyDayGardener said...

Rest and Renewal...a perfect recipe to lead a joyful life! State Fair pics are great :)