September 1, 2011

I'm Baaaack

and because I love you so much I will tell you why I have been away. AND by You I mean the 3 people who are going to look at this since my readership has probably dropped dramatically.

To start I had been incredibly busy scrambling to get work and working odd and crazy hours. Having some major ups and downs about where our life was going and if I was doing the right things. I have learned that it scares me to put myself out there. That I love being creative but I am afraid of failing at it. That fear brings on huge amounts of anxiety and if couple with some PMS can render me useless.

The next experience of awesomeness was that we got fleas...uh huh. I was really reticent to share this one because...well...ewww, but the thing is we have a cat and we live on a farm...that combination during July and August = fleas. Its gross and annoying and I tried to go all natural and use borax and just vacuum till my arms were sore, but it was a lost cause and I realized that I needed to go chemical. After bombing the place, and then using a carpet spray with a growth inhibitor (twice!) we are finally rid of our pesky roommates. can I get a hallelujah?

So what have we been up to? Well I don't feel like we have been enjoying the summer that's for sure which is why for the next couple weeks I am taking it easy with work and just doing what I want to do. I may kick myself later when I am completely broke but for now I need it for my sanity. The kids and I have not even gone swimming once and I missed the Clackamas County fair, which I was really sad about. We may try and go to the state fair but we will see if finances allow.  BUT I need to take it in somehow...I LIVE for summer and in the Pac NW there isnt much of it.

Dear God, 
Can I get an Indian summer this year? 
Your loyal servant and sun lover, 

Derrick and I were able to go to the Street of Dreams, and can I just say FINALLY some realistic houses at realistic prices...


I mean what percent of people are ever going to be able to afford or want to dump their money into a 3 million dollar house? I feel like our broken economy is bringing people back to a more simple time and helping us to value the truly important things in life  AND I think living somewhat modestly and and with humility is something that our nation needs a lesson in. So THANK YOU Street of Dreams for not going ridiculously over the top this year and letting normal people like me feel like we could attain a beautiful home even if we are not millionaires. The real takeaway is that even if you live in 400 sq feet or 2000 sq feet you can finish your home nicely and stylishly (is that a word??) and LOVE your home and not have to break the bank doing it.

My MOST favorite thing was herringbone tile and these awesome paneled doors. Also tops were white cabinets with oil rubbed bronze hardware. Most heartfelt detail were these beautifully painted portraits in the kids' rooms. *sigh, I melt*






I also really like this little girls room and how it mixed modern pieces with a more traditional look. It really just illustrated how you should put what you love in your house and not worry about crossing styles. If you love it you will find a way for it to work.


Also the look of this can be achieved by putting this ikea piece in the room instead...High/Low...Im telling you its the key to decorating on a budget!

ikea nyvoll

but I is another view of the room


and of course I couldn't resist snapping a picture of myself in my favorite ombre summer dress. Oh and did you notice my new camera bag? Its like a little backpack that sits cross-body...LOVE IT!


OMG!!!! before I forget, let me just share some other awesome news.  MY husband was accepted into PSU's Mechanical Engineering program!!! Hurray Derrick... *wink* He's going places...

I am so proud of him, and feeling like this is a gentle nudge telling us we are doing the right things.  We may live simple and on a minuscule budget now, but someday we will have a little more breathing room and will be able to recreate looks like the ones above.



Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

One your three readers here, telling you how much I love you. :-) You are amazing, Jana!!! Congrats to Derrick!!! :-)

Molly said...

Congrats to Derrick, yay! Love the herringbone tile and so sorry abotu the fleas, what a mess!

Jana said...

You guys are great!! I love my friends so much!