August 27, 2011

Where to begin? Well first of all the last couple of weeks have been absolute insanity. Crazy work schedule, crazy personal stuff, family stuff, sad stuff, happy stuff. I would say I am physically and emotionally spent but that would be an understatement. I have the next two days off from work and any associated responsibility and I am so happy I could burst. I am hoping to make it a productive couple of days, and by productive I mean lots of vegging out, time with friends and family, and maybe a trip to the pool with the kids.

Currently I am obsessed with my hair...cut it or grow it, somedays I am like "oh yeah, I am going to grow it till its all mermaid style and long enough to cover my boobs should I choose to go topless" other days I am like "where are the scissors because I am about to do this sh!t myself." here are a couple looks I am considering...

I dont know if that is a wig or what, but it looks good from that angle

This is also a major contender


as is this

but I am kind of thinking if I am going to do it I should just go all the way...

And this is what I currently have going on...I never do anything with it though...what a snoozer

photo (3)

Any thoughts my friends?

except Kelly... I already know what you are going to say ;)

More posts to come on what I have been up to... I've got some exciting news to share but I am going to hold off just for now...