August 8, 2011

the weekend

Came and went. Derrick has finals next week and I work everyday in the upcoming work week. I am preparing myself by staying up way past my bedtime...ridiculous.

One thing I am working on is transfering my photography website over to a wordpress platform so that I have a blog/website combination and I can upload my pictures at optimal quality, something wix would not allow me to do.

Super annoying.

Especially when it costs more to go with wix then to just download a theme from a number of theme builders.


I am kind of excited to launch my new minimalist site. Hopefully I will have it up and running soon! I have to wait for the wix servers to turn over and no long direct my domain over to them or something. I have no freaking clue how this stuff works. All I know is I am kinda excited. I REALLY wanted to go with a Prophoto site, but its not in the budget...maybe in 6 months.

Other than that I have just been kind of working my butt off. I am tired, and yet it has been rewarding. Its nice to be appreciated in the workplace, and so far I have been getting appreciation for my efforts. Now I get to pay it forward...I think I have an idea how I am going to do that :)

Other than that not much new...signed up for chemistry in the fall and dare I say I am excited? I am! Its time to get back to school and feel like I am making forward movement with the whole PA thang.

Couple of randoms...

I am LOVING Ellie Goulding...check out her music. Fantastic!

and here are some picture with the good ol iphone.

Derrick's Dad and Step mom bought us a fridge...word cant describe how grateful I am for it but the lack of swear words spoken by me every time I open the door and shit doesn't fall out all over the place probably comes close


Have we talked about Kellan's ever emerging sensory issues? Yup, the toilet and the vacuum are too much for his sensory sensative ears...earphones to the rescue. I cant help but think it makes him kind of cool in a Garden State sort of way


I got these shoes for work and I SOOOO wanted them to fit right, but they didn't. Can I get a boo to the hoo?


This of my life. I feel so lucky to have him.


and finally, what do we do when we are bored? We take self portraits.


What did you do this weekend?



Libby's Life said...

The vacuum makes Zane freak out every.single.time we turn it on & I mean not just a little bit but full on screaming and running away!! Also he can't even go near one really without freaking out like it's going to eat him! Totally weird... I don't think it's anything like Kellan but it's weird all the same!

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