August 5, 2011


I am happiest when I am doing things that are creative these days. Life feels really hard right now. We live in an impossibly small space, money is always tight, and Derrick and I are constantly running ourselves ragged.

Today was particularly hard.

Why can't I get my kid to poop in the potty? Why do I totally lose it when my kids pour water all over the floor, or don't pick up after themselves. Why can't I get through the day without a 3 hour nap unless I am on medication to keep me awake?

Today I felt like a failure...that is...until I picked up my camera this afternoon and shot some of the softest most beautiful portraits.

Here is the original


but I am a sucker for colorizing my photos. I love how you can take one photo and make it have a completely different feeling depending on the colors and the overlays. I love Photoshop...its a photographers creative candyland.

dylan x 4

Add a little sun? Comes in handy in the Pac NW where the sun proves elusive most of the year.


Honestly I feel like God has been like "Here. Let me give you a reprieve from the difficulty of your every day. Let me give you something to make beautiful and pretty things out of because, Jana, I know that's what you love." Does that sound silly? I think God is giving me some sweet and much needed relief.

And I will take it. In any form it is offered.