July 13, 2011

to do

Today I plan to get done, everything that wasn't completed yesterday...


That's me throwing my head back laughing.

Story of my life.

Inevitably the to do list bleeds over into the next day...

Maybe today I will finally organize my shirt drawer, and promote all my striped shirts to the closet (because they are all I ever seem to wear) and put the sweaters in a space bag under the bed...although I don't know what the point of that would be since I live in Oregon and we really only have 2 whole months of summer.

I wish I had more storage space. Literally I dont think I could eek another drop of space outta this place...but if I had some stairs...now that would be a different story.

I could do a kitchen like this...not as if they are lacking space, but cool huh?


I mean if I just had a closet I could at least tuck the desk away there


Maybe Derrick and I should build that addition we have been talking about. We always joke about buying a tough shed and adding it onto the house...sadly it wouldnt be any less energy efficient, but we could make the front of it real cute like this

home addition

oh well...I have gotten used to my small space and the kids have too. I am even tempted to make them share a room so I can make it dormitory style like this...

shared bedroom

They could have ceiling mounted curtains to draw around their beds for privacy...we will see.



I am off to try and tackle the mess left from yesterday. What are you up to today?



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