July 12, 2011

Practice practice practice...I do it every where I go. My kids are my #1 subject because they are always in my presence (duh) and I know all their little idiosyncrasies so predicting their next move is a lot easier.

I have been wanting to check out the pearl district and some more gritty urban settings for those of my clients that prefer that sort of feeling and backdrop to their portraits.

I came home with some great shots and all in all it was a really lovely afternoon. We just relaxed, walked around, and ate way more gelato than any one person should.

when I look at these photos I think of a carefree life and they help me to know that the lord is in control...look at the beauty he has put in my hands? With just a camera I can produce THESE memories.

I have been worried because my job situation is not good right now and money is really tight...

really tight.

We were even supposed to have our family photos done by a phenomenal photography and we had to cancel because of my job situation...it was hard for me to do and made me incredibly sad. I hate money worries...and yet I know we have SO much...for starters we have each other, as well as some incredible friends and family...

I know that in the nick of time the lord will just drop it in my lap...hopefully in the form of some photography clients ;)



"Get on your knees and pray, and then get on your feet and work"
— Gordon B. Hinckley

one of my most favorite quotes, and I intend to do so...

P.S. just google quotes by this man and you will find a multitude of inspirational and insightful thoughts.