July 26, 2011

it keeps me going

She's as pretty as they come...dont you agree? These images fill me with confidence to keep moving forward with photography and to continue learning...



From this shoot I learned that even though all the experts say no noticeable noise at ISO 1600 on my particular camera...that it is dependent on all the other conditions...like hazy sun rays poking through the clouds... Although I don't want all my pictures for every senior to look the same, I am definitely noting all the sweet spots where good lighting can be found.

I am not trying to pat myself on the back here but...well...I am really proud of my work. I spend time on it. I learn from one shoot to the next. I try new things. I come home and google to find answers. I am gaining confidence in what I have to offer...it feels good.



Kelly said...

She is beautiful! Good job Missy

Cristina From USANA said...

YOU DID THAT?????? WOW!!!!!!!! GIRL!!!!!!