July 20, 2011

girls named Kelly are cool

I dont think I have ever met a Kelly I didnt like. I even named my son Kellan after a Kelly (my sister).

My supervising RN at work...her name is Kelly and she is super cool!

My sister, also a Kelly, is my friend, confidant, the person I can bitch about other family members with...the person I could shard in front of and admit that I sharded...


I said sharded...anyway, you get my point...we are close.

Then there is this Kelly

633bw copy

One of the most beautiful people I know. She makes me happy with her infectious laugh. She lets me convince her to paint her house or redo her blog...I am still not sure that I didnt force her entirely into these things. She makes me want to be a better mom, like her. She is always laughing and lighthearted with her kids...where I feel like a constant grumpus with mine. She is incredible with felt and making little pretties. Best of all she can be easily convinced to ditch her kids and hubby to go out for a drink with the girls.

She encourages me when I doubt my abilities...she's pretty much fabulous



Kelly said...

I love you so much! Your pretty much fabulous yourself.

Oh and are you trying to make me cry? ugh that is my fav pic too ;)


Kelly said...

p.s. looooooove the new look on the blog. I ♥ that header font!