July 5, 2011

First I have to say THANK YOU to heavenly father for all the blessings in my life. I woke up this morning next to my son sleeping, breathing sweetly beside me...this moment was precipitated by a dream of the death of a child in my life, one that is dear to me. I woke with a heavy heart and wondered how the death of my own child would leave an indelible mark on my life. I rolled over to see the creamy skin and rusty hair of my dear boy and I kissed and hugged on him till he woke.

Pure joy. I felt so grateful.

Yesterday was a wonderful holiday. The Mr. and I just piddled around catching up on our life and household chores getting ready for family to come over and have dinner with us. The sun shone all day, and it was just beautiful overall. For once I did not break out my camera. I just wanted to take it all in instead of figuring out how to capture the moment best on film. Its been freeing to just put the camera down and give myself a rest.

The highlight of my weekend was Saturday with the Jone's. I love this family with so much of my heart. Kelly has been a dear friend and it is so nice that Derrick and Ben get along so well. Their kids are wonderful and polite and just cute as can be. We had dinner then set out to get a couple family images here on the farm...



The weather was SO perfect, the sun was filtering through on its way to sleepy time, and the golden rays were just..magic..cheesy, I know but what other word is there for it?

Their family photos are currently highlighted on my website

What are you up to today?? For me its dishes!