June 19, 2011

the more i learn the less i know

Ahhh! Life has been so crazy and busy these days. This past week was Derrick's break between terms and Monday is the start of summer term which is 8 weeks...that means a much more intense period of study since it has been shortened. We definitely wanted to take as much rest time together as possible. We had a couple of days together but for the most part he has been hanging with the kids at his moms and I have been working and taking photos. I am excited to start offering my photography services but also nervous. What if my clients aren't happy? What if I have bitten off more than I can chew? I think it is just my fear of putting my work out there and not having it recieved with open arms...and I dont think people realize that photography is an art...and art is personal.

ANYWAY, I am going to start each day with this affirmation.

My photography is an evolving art. I provide quality memories to my clients and I shouldn't question my personal style, but rather, trust that those who choose me do so because they like it. I continue to practice daily, I continue learning, and I continue to perfect my craft.

If you are interested in my work please feel free to connect with me through my website www.janafoo.com

Today I spent time learning about white balance, practicing what I learned, and processing some of these images...


While doing that I was listening to this

Simply love this song.