June 3, 2011

gettin' my hair did

I've been growing my hair out (in fact I talked about it here and here)...Might I be slightly obsessed? I will let you decide.

Here's what I got so far.


Best pic I had was from my phone so I had to edit the shiz out of it so it wouldn't look completely ghetto.

Now its just a little ghetto.

believe it or not I am still itching to cut it...what is wrong with me?! I know I will hate every flat ironing minute of a short hair cut but I cannot stop fantasizing about it!!

Like a trailer park girl to a bad relationship...there are magnetic forces more powerful than myself at work here.



Maddy said...

I've been down that road before (the short hair road) several times. I do it...then I regret it and grow it out. And then a few years later, I forget how much I hated it the last time, think things will be different this time, and I cut it again!! But no more...at least for me :)