June 6, 2011

another way to get my design fix

I had recently discovered Colour Lovers and it couldn't have been more timely that Pugly Pixel wrote a post about Colour Lovers as well. Since everything she does is a treat to the eye it was all the motivation I needed to go ahead and sign up. I was trying to avoid it because I knew (like Pinterest, Picnik, and all the other blogs I read) it was going to be a total time suck, a guilty pleasure that keeps me up till 2am. Because at 2am it is just me, my computer, and a world wide web full of design inspiration.

This is why I am always running on empty...I am up late at night getting my fix.

It's a disease

Here is my first pallet, inspired by the picture below.


I definitely took liberties with the pallet, but I wanted to reflect what I like about the colors in the photo...its the interpretation that my mind makes when I look at it...what I imagine incorporating into my own home. AND now that I think about it, these are the exact colors I have in my home, just not in the percentages I would prefer.  I would like more of the blue, chartreuse and red, and less of the taupe. In fact I would like to remove the taupe completely from my walls and have it be represented by the natural woods I have in my wee home.

color inspiration



katrina said...

hey jana, the colors you sampled are pretty and i see them well in your photo -- nice palette! :)