May 25, 2011

what I wore wednesday

Alrighty, I said I was gonna do it...and I did...and it did force me to look at the things in my closet in a different way, and I now appreciate all the good pieces I have. I am usually drawn to fairly classic pieces and this has served me well, especially now that the clothing budget is small.


The shirt actually belongs to my sister in law but has been on long term loan to me ;) The jeans are H&M and the belt was formerly my husbands and is from Express. Its my most favorite belt!
(also, a wee side note...that is my son Kellan there, and he has a really unique sense of style to-boot! So its fitting that he is here in the picture with me sporting his rucker duckie shoes)


The blue flip flops are Abercrombie and they are about 3 years old, but I still love them and their bright cobalt color. The watch was a gift from my in laws, the bracelet purchased in Mexico...its child sized, which is so perfect for me b/c I have ridiculously small wrists. The earrings were made by a friend several years ago from vintage depression era glass beads.

There you have it...what I wore. To tell you the truth I am kind of excited to come up with next weeks outfit...AND I am really glad to have a little project to encourage me to re-purpose items in my wardrobe...

It fits in to the changes Derrick and I have been making in our life/personal habits. Less waste, more re-purposing, less money, less stuff, more time, more memories. You know...the important stuff.