May 4, 2011

saved from the dust bunnies

These were abandoned in the attic.


They needed a home and love.



I recently picked up a sample of this paint (behr California dreaming) while paint shopping with my dear friend Kelly. I have been looking for the perfect cross between yellow and chartreuse. This was the winner. I decided to slap a little on the chair, and I think it will work nicely.


The fabric is a pretty aqua with multiple colors running through it, one of which happens to be this very chartreuse-y yellow color. The subtlety does not show up in the photo, but its there. I got it on sale, so it only cost me about $7.  I am beyond pleased that I scored two chairs that will cost me no more than $20 to fix up.

and Kellan approves, so we are good there too...



I can't wait to take these chairs and make them part of our home.



Maddy said...

It's amazing how a simple coat of paint can transform anything from drab to fab! Can't wait to see the finished chairs :)