May 10, 2011

thank god for mothers

I spent this weekend up in Washington helping my step mom do some things for her mother. It was nice to spend time with grandma and my step mom AND it was a welcome break from home. I missed my husband and kids terribly...especially on mothers day. It was hard not to be there and basque in their attention. Derrick got really sick right after I left which was also heavy on my heart...being so far away. The man never gets sick...of all weekends to go out of town and leave the kids...poor Derrick. Big thanks to my mom who (on her mothers day) took my kids so Derrick could rest. Thank god for mothers!!

On a brighter note my step mom assured me that I had been an incredible help to her that weekend, including getting her out of a speeding ticket (kinda proud of that one), which made me feel a little better about being gone from my kids.

The last day there we went to a little town called Maltby and had breakfast...just to celebrate our accomplishments over the weekend and a sort of belated mothers day celebration. This little espresso stop was outside and I just couldn't resist taking a photo of it. I then proceeded to drop my camera and new lens on the pavement. That knocked the breath clean out of me! Luckily the UV filter saved the lens. So far the camera seems to have escaped unscathed. It was sort of a day of near misses... first the ticket then the camera. We were definitely fortunate to escape with out any major or minor catastrophes.

Needless to say I am so glad to be home.




Maddy said...

*sighs relief* Thank goodness for your filter!! I've stopped using mine because I find that my photos are a tad sharper without it, but boy does it make me nervouse about dropping my lens on the ground! You just experienced my biggest fear!

Kelly Jones said...

I love this pic!!!! I think I would love to frame it for a splash of red in my kitchen.