May 13, 2011

If you are looking for the update on Kellan...

If you came here looking for the update on Kellan...well its not here.

Blogger has had issues and decided to completely delete posts made that day.

I can't even begin to tell you how completely peeved I am about it. Could it not have been when I was doing some inane post of sofa's or paint colors? NO! Probably the most important, emotionally laden post I have written all year...really in the time of my entire blog, and blogger has so graciously deleted it from history. I am so upset. This blog really serves not only as a communication point for me and my readership (I say that with complete humility since my readership is so few) but it really is a journal for me...and to have this entry gone... *sadness*

I cannot recreate it. When I have a moment of quiet I will re-pen the information...but that moment in time, where my feelings were when I wrote it...I will not be able to recapture that.

yup...this is how we are feeling about blogger right now


So I want to extend a huge thank you to blogger, for reconfirming the very reason why I have purchased my own URL and will be moving my blog over to a wordpress platform...we are closing the door on you!



Post Post....the deleted post has been restored by blogger...thank you you just suck a little


Libby's Life said...

They are restoring all lost posts!