May 17, 2011

going gluten and dairy free

So we are officially a gluten and dairy free household. I felt a tad overwhelmed about it at first, but now I am super excited. Its going to be better for my kids, better for me and Derrick, and it will force me to cook more.

We first decided to do it for Kellan. We felt with all the compelling evidence about links between diet and autism/spectrum disorders/PDD that it couldn't hurt for us to do it and that in fact it might help Kellan a lot. Then as I was researching I found that those who have eczema should not have dairy as a part of their diet...well Parker has horrible eczema.

Done and done.

That sealed the deal for us and on Sunday I bagged up all our gluten containing products (including soy sauce!) and packed them into the car to take to a family member. Since we have always been whole grain eaters I feel good about passing the food on.

I had posted on facebook about our endeavor and got some great advice and wonderful resources to start with. Parker and I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to stock up on some things. I have to say I am quite proud of our results




My favorite items are Udi's gf/df bread, Earth Balance spread, and trader Joe's gf/df pancakes for those lazy mornings.  I am going to grab a recipe for meatballs since we can no longer have the TJ's ones (too much gluten) AND I definitely want to make sure they get enough protein and whole grains because if you are not careful you can end up eating a lot of starch on a gf diet.  On Friday I'm going shopping with a friend who has been walking the walk for a couple of months now. I am sure she will have some great advice.

Best part is the kids seem to dig the almond milk (sweet!) and Kellan liked the Udi's bread, so we are on the right track. There is a gf option for almost everything out there, some things you would have to make yourself but that is actually better anyway. The only thing I think we cannot truly replace is cheese.

R.I.P. Cheese, you will be missed.



Libby's Life said...

You should read the book by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and how she is gf/df because of her Celiac Disease. I hear it's really helpful resource for how to start eating gf/df!

Annie said...

yay! look at you guys, the kids look great! I think the barbras bars I get are gf btw :) RIP cheese, I would miss you too :(