May 20, 2011

a girly room for parker

Even though she doesn't have her own room and maybe BECAUSE she doesn't have her own room, I have been telling Parker the first thing we will do when she has her own space is decorate it especially for her.

Parkers Girly Room

After listening to some comments from Parker about wanting a pink room, and getting her approval on pink, navy blue, and some green accents, I came up with this.

I tried to incorporate some non offending pink paint colors. I especially like the wild aster because it is subtle. I think that would work for the overall color on the walls.  Although I am not a big fan of the "accent" wall, I think a darker pink in the same family of colors could look really nice either on one wall or on a large piece such as a painted wood chair or a desk.

The pottery barn rug is one that I already own and I love the idea of re-purposing...its more cost effective. I think this rug has a tendency to look very nautical, but tempered with the pink and green I think it can shed its former persona and blend quite nicely.

The Ikea Hemnes dresser has been on my wish list for some time. Its such a great piece. Some new knobs will make it sing.

We already have the "I am a child of god" print, and I thought some other flowery print would be lovely as well, or even one of Parker's very own water colors. There are endless possibilities for personal touches.

If I am really lucky I will be able to find a fabric that has white, light beige, and fresh green stripes so that I can incorporate the white of the dresser and the beige of the rug...because to be honest I am not sure how that will all meld together. Crossing my fingers that it looks great and she loves it.

I am sure adding some girly touches like white mosquito netting over the bed couldn't hurt...and then of course I was informed by Parker that she needs a unicorn in her room... maybe a vintage one like this to sit on her dresser.

parkers room

Still thinking about beds and bedding...I have vintage wood beds for the kids already and beautiful white quilts. A green or navy throw and a tailored bedskirt in a pretty floral or ticking stripe would be an easy way to dress it up...more on that later