May 24, 2011

finally nothing to say...


Ever have that feeling like you have loads of ideas and inspiration running through your head but it is so undefined that you cannot share it or express it in words?

I dont have writers block in terms of words...its just that nothing is flowing from me...usually I have so much to say that I am furiously typing with errors galore and half formed ideas. Not today though. Or the last week or so for that matter.

It probably doesn't help that I have gotten absolutely zero done creatively speaking. This is frustrating for me and I am coming to realize that a creative outlet is as important for me as diet and exercise.

Some things that I would like to write about I cannot because they are projects that will eventually be gifts...for people that read my blog.

So there you have it. I am in writers funk.

A couple things I am going to start doing is a What I wore Wednesday. Not to show off my clothes because there is nothing new to show...more as a way to force myself to get into my closet and wear what I have already. I am going to use my favorite outfits from my stylefile on Pinterest as inspiration. This way I can rediscover the gems that are already living in my closet and share my styling experiments too. Seems vain now that I type it but it really IS a way to get me mixing things up.

The other thing I have been talking to my husband about it doing ALL homemade gifts for Christmas this year. I ABHORE consumerism and the complete and total lameness that the holidays have become. I am already slowly but surely collecting my craft items in order to do this. Also this year come hell or high water or financial ruin (we are always strapped around Christmas time...really October through January is always financially tight) I am going to do something for some children in need, AND as we get closer to the holidays I will probably be writing more about my thoughts regarding giving at the holidays to the needy. More specifically how we should give and what...because if you don't want pj's from K-Mart then they probably don't either. I will expand on that a little more later ;)