May 31, 2011

confessions of a ghetto paint job shame here. My cabinet had been waiting for a coat of paint so that it could match all the other cabinets and so FINALLY I got down to it...but I just didn't have the same perfectionism that I approach some jobs with...probably because this place is never gonna look like the can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

so here you have it...

I started by removing the doors and painting them


Then I painted the box. I had the paint matched to the Ikea cabinet doors so they would blend in.


See my paint tray that?  Uh huh...that's how I roll...improvise...use what I got...

It looks pretty good now that its done...but you will have to come back tomorrow for the big reveal.
Ha! I laugh. How can the words "big reveal" even have a place in a 400 sq ft converted garage bay...



Maddy said... gotta do what you gotta do! And the Pyrex casserole dish works perfectly as a paint tray :) Looking forward to the big reveal!

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

haha, hey, i'll still look forward to your reveal. no matter how big or small it is :) lovin' that casserole dish paint tray! now, that's creative!