April 20, 2011

style file

Momma needs a new look. But seriously, ever since I became a mom and stopped working a 9-5 my style has been in rapid decline. I own a pair of clogs for crying out loud. I have been using my Pinterest account to collect outfits that catch my eye and I will be working on creating 4-5 looks that I can effortlessly throw together and be on with my day.

Do you have a go to outfit? I have a feeling mine will involve jeans, flats, and a scarf...can't say enough about scarves.


Mrsuglesich said...

So I gave you a stylish blogger award! So all you have to do is go to my page grab the button and link back to me when you post it and your 6 stylish bloggers you're giving it too! :) Hope you have a great day!!!