April 27, 2011

Oh no your didnt!

I am so honored to received this award from Libby over at Libby's Life. She is a stay at home momma who just started blogging, and I think she (like me) is hooked on the blog world! Hop on over to her site where she writes about her life, fashion, and hobby's

blog award

I am passing this award to:

Oh Buttons

Earrings and Applesauce

Have at it ladies! You deserve this award!



Maddy said...

Congrats on the award! Even though I'm a new reader, I'm sure it was well deserved :)

Jana said...

Thank you!

katrina said...

congratulations, jana! :)

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!! That is so sweet of you but in all seriousness I would have to give it right back to my fantastic blog designer extroudinare (sp)!