April 28, 2011

My new lens pretty much rocks!

I talked about my lens here. and honestly for the money it can't be beat.

Here are some pics I snapped the day I got it...just messing around.





Aren't they great? Not bad subjects either *wink wink*



dana said...

hi there! I just got that same lens a few months ago! It is so much fun, (but hard sometimes). I get all giddy when I use it! :)
Lovely photo!

Mrsuglesich said...

They look amazing! I wish I could take pics like you!

Maddy said...

I agree!! For the price, how can you not have it in yur arsenal :) Love these pics! They have a dream-like softness to them that I love!

Jana said...

Thanks ladies for the encouragement! Its a learning process but I am really enjoying it!