April 6, 2011

making it pretty, making it work

Remember this sofa? I talked about it here. Now just imagine it with the chaise on the other side.

manstad corner sofa

Now imagine it in place of the sofa below


This is how we store the extra blankets and such...so sad, BUT with the sofa of awesomeness the chaise opens up and we can put our blankets snug as a bug and outta sight. sweet.


I love this little area opposite the couch but we are going to have to relocate the table over here to accommodate the chaise. Thinking of putting a big family picture here. We are having new pictures taken in July which I will elaborate on later.


I'm also keen on taking down that mirror because we put a new one up over the sink, and its too much to have them both. Mirror madness!

new mirror

Finally I wanted to show you how our paint colors are actually used throughout the house.

layered colors

because the space is small we wanted it to be fairly cohesive looking, so the main beige color (Behr Gobi Desert) is in the main living space and the bedroom and the "accent" color (Behr Rivers Edge) is just in the hallway and bathroom so that it just adds a subtle pop of color to brighten the space PLUS if I change my mind and want to go completely different I can paint the hallway and bathroom easily and change it up entirely. The floor is painted with a 2 part epoxy concrete paint and was color matched to Behr Dried leaf. If you look closely in the background you can see the bedspread from Target that I talked about here. The bedding really helps to complete the color combos by adding a touch of that same blue to the sea of beige that is the bedroom. The carpet we got off craigslist so we didn't have endless choices but I am happy with what we got. For $125 its really good quality.

That's it for now. We did manage to get the new cabinet doors on in the kitchenette, but I will wait to show you that when I am done painting the shelves to match.

*sofa by Ikea


Caleb and Julie Barnes said...

Lots of thoughts to this post! :) First of all, I LOVE the new couch that you are thinking of getting. In fact, last time you posted it, I went and looked at it online. haha! I may one day copy you! We NEED new couches...we have a super small living space too and our couches now are too big for the area and have ugly slip covers. We dont want to just get new slip covers cause you can get new couches for not much more. But at the same time we don't want to fork over the money for a new one quite yet. My second thought is that if you end up getting it and want to sell things second hand....let me know! :) There are a few things in your pics above that I would be interested in buying secondhand from you! hee hee... You must go into interior decorating one day Jana!!!!!

Molly said...

Love the new sofa - I think it will be perfect! the storage in the chaise is awesome!