April 1, 2011

Farm Style

I have talked about Joni's blog before, but today I just had to repost AND encourage you to check out her site laybabylay. It is a nursery inspiration site, but really her design ideas are applicable in any room, which is great for me since this womb is closed for business.

Today her inspiration is Farm life. Well of course this immediately caught my attention, because now that we are living on a farm I am constantly asking myself "how can I merge my personal style with a farm aesthetic?" I think its important to consider your surroundings when creating your home...mostly so there is not a complete disconnect when you walk out the door. Also because living in such a small space the great outdoors really becomes our living room in the warmer months.


for resources head on over to laybabylay...I'm seriously digging that rug!

Joni is incredibly talented. Check out her other blog Chocolate Butterbean where she makes custom signs that are in-cred-i-ble!

Such talent!