March 30, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

So this is the fun part about blogging. You make friends. You make friends with people that would likely never come into your circle because of distance or circumstances. Karen at our slo house is one of those people. I probably would have never met her under usual circumstances but in the blog world we are getting to know each other.

Karen is currently renovating an old home in California and blogging about it along the way...AND she just bought an old airstream which is near and dear to my heart, since my grandparents had an old airstream (and its still in the family!)

Anyhoo...Karen just awarded me with a stylish blogger award!

Tada! Thank you so much Karen!

So now I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know

1. I was born during a total eclipse...not sure what that means for me, but I take it as a lucky omen.

2. My husband is 4 years younger than me and I love it! It makes people think I am younger than I really am ;)

3. I worked in insurance sales and underwriting for 10 years before going back to school.

4. I spent a summer working as a tile layer after I graduated from high school. Best boss I ever had and it was nice to see the actual result of all my hard work at the end of the day. So began my love of creating.

5. I love to take pictures but mostly just portraits. There is something about capturing a little piece of a someones personality in a photograph.

6. I lived in San Diego for 5 years, and I miss it dearly...the sun, the outdoor lifestyle, and the diversity. I don't miss the me first attitude, the traffic, or the cost of living.

7. I started this blog as a place to document and journal everything that runs through my crazy mind as well as all the pretty things I come across. So far it has served its purpose and then some.

Now I get to pass it on.

I am giving this award to Annie at Little Bird Photography


karen @ our slo house said...

I loved reading your 7 things -- it was fun to learn more about you! I had NO idea your husband was 4 years younger than you. You both look so young! (I mean that as a compliment, not demeaning...)


Jana said...

I take it as a compliment :)