March 22, 2011

Green Baby Shower

Recently I spent some time putting together some ideas for a baby shower that my sister is throwing this summer. I never pass up a chance to party plan, so when she asked me for ideas I basically ran away with the whole thing. Luckily she was more than happy to let me take the creative reins.


My first thought was cupcakes, because they are extremely easy to serve to a crowd but mainly because there is no cutting and they are already individually portioned.

1. I adore Izze soda's. The packaging is simple and pleasing to the eye and the soda itself always tastes good. When you put these on the table they serve as a decor item and further solidify the color scheme.

2. The grass patch is actually a drying rack for bottles. It is my most favorite item to use for a baby shower. I usually stick straws on the little grass blades, and then when the shower is over the mom-to-be can take it home and use it.

3. It doesn't take much effort to make something as simple as a bottle of lemonade look special. A little tag, a striped straw, a cute container. The little details are what really make the party special.

4. They are really over done and for good reason...Tissue Poms are so sweet and ethereal looking. They bring the eye up from the table and add light and fluffy texture to the overall scheme.

5. Fresh flowers, its kind of a no-brainer but often overlooked. Just do it.

6. Tying your invite in with the theme is just another way to bring the entire experience full circle for the mom-to-be and the guests. If you are really organized then you can get thank you notes that go with the invites as well.

7. Shower games can be really overrated. Making a custom word search is a really fun way to engage your guests in a fun activity that they can do at their own pace. Then you can have them fold up their completed word search, drop it in a box, and at the end of the afternoon you can draw one out for a prize.

8. Paper garlands are another way to draw the eye upwards and add lightness to the tablescape. I like to swag them from the ceiling to the sides of the table with a tissue pom in the middle.

9. Boy or girl? Let your straws do the the talking...or if its a secret till the end pick a fun contrasting color to add a little pop to the table.

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