March 2, 2011

The cure for sofa ennui

As of late I have been super bored with my beige pottery barn (knock off) Greenwich the cat, prior to being sprayed into submission, was using it as her personal scratching post, so it is a little worse for the wear. I know I should just keep it and let it be the sofa that my kids destroy but I hate things that look dilapidated.

I once had a yellow sofa...and when we broke up I was never quite over it. I loved that sofa, but eventually settled into a new favorite Oh how I love green, but now I am feeling a tug of war. Sunny and fun v. fresh and serene. I present the below evidence as proof of how ABSOLUTELY GREAT both could be.

How will I decide *sigh*

The Ikea Karlstad, clean, and wonderfully cheap! Even when its purchased as a sofa bed which lets face it, we desperately need! Plus you dont have to keep those cheap-o legs they put on it. You can get some some tapered legs (a la midcentury sofa's) or a sleek chrome base.


But my heart leaps for this yellow Parlour sofa from cb2. At 999.00 its close in price to the Karlstad sofa sleeper, but without the sleeper option. Also I am not sure that the hubs will go for bright yellow. Well at least I got him to agree to injecting a little light pink here and there.

cb2 sofa

Love everything about this interior featured in Real Living Magazine including the sofa that leans more toward yellow but has a hint of green.


This pear colored sofa belongs to Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home. I would say this color is the perfect marriage between green and yellow...for those that can't decide.


Here is a little mock up I have done to help me make a decision. Below you can see the paint colors I currently have gracing my house along with the Karlstad sofa, which lets face it people, at half the price of the Parlour sofa is looking really attractive!

However, it is wise to think of furniture as an investment and I love how the Parlour sofa has that mid century that happy happy yellow. Its like a ray of sunshine...very much needed in the dreary northwest....

living room 2

Decisions decisions...