February 18, 2011

Things to come...

As usual I am always attempting to find ways to improve things aesthetically and organizationally. I was so happy to find out that the cabinets we have are sisters to ikea cabinets and that for a mere $31.00 I will be able to put new ikea cabinet doors on them, and make things look more cohesive.

Of course I am always daydreaming about getting a new rug, which may or may not happen. If we do I am thinking it will be the one pictured below, and that it will most likely only live here for spring and summer. Fall and winter are just too darn messy and muddy in these parts.

I was thinking of painting this random brown cabinet the yellow color pictured above. Its Sherwin Williams, Nugget. Right now it looks SO ugly, especially since I painted a huge nasty swatch of another pain color on it so its not even all brown. I really need the storage so it has to stay. Paint to the rescue!!

So far these changes fit well with the colors I talked about on this post. Aren't they lovely...sort of serene and whimsical with a touch of a lively quality to them.

I can't wait to share once its all finished!