February 16, 2011

Parker-isms...Kids say the darndest things

I just have to record some of this for posterity....This little hootenanny cracks me up on a daily basis.

Most recently she inquired to me as to why Kellan wasn't feeling well (he had just spontaneously barfed all over gramma's carpet) I said "Well Parker he probably caught a bug or something", to which she replied "Like a grasshopper or a cricket?"

Or how she tells me she is such a good stirver when she helps me stir the pancake batter. I keep telling her its "stir" but she insists on saying "stirve"

Equally hilarious to hear her sing songs she hears in the car and use the completely wrong (but thank God) innocent lyrics...somehow she was exposed to Maria Carey's song Obsessed (I plead the 5th) and there is a line where MC sings "lying that your sexin' me" all I can say is I experienced a mixture of pride and relief when I heard her singing "lying that your texting me"

We have since removed that one from the rotation...geez

Mother of the year award, right here.

Its the same experience with the Katy Perry song Last Friday Night...Parker thinks she is saying "Dance!" when I am pretty sure she is saying damn....again, pride and relief.

But my MOST MOST favorite was the other day when she looked me in the eye, caressed my cheek (no lie, this kid can turn on the charm) and told me "You're a good girl mommy, and you are going to do big things one day."

Dang...sniffle sniffle

Pretty soon she will be turning 5, and I just can't believe it...the time has flown by.
Here she is 4 days after she was born. We called her our little cookie. She was tiny!

She is still innocent though. Below is a picture of her and her future husband. Yup, she says she is going to marry daddy (and she says that I can marry Kellan).

Happy Birthday Parker! You make me want to be a better woman, so that you can be an EVEN BETTER woman...because that's the point right? To improve on the generation before you.

You are a good girl Parker, and I know you are going to do big things one day.


Mrsuglesich said...

I cannot believe that she is 5 years old already! She is amazingly beautiful! I am sure she will grow up to be an amazing woman because she has wonderful parents!

Annie said...

so beautiful... she is definitely going to grow up to do great things because she has fantastic role models to look up to.

Conrad, Michelle, Bronwen, Ava and Cate said...

Jana, this is one of your best posts yet :-) Xoxo!