February 7, 2011

High School Reunion...What to wear...

No, not mine...mine was about 4 years ago and I had just delivered my son about 30 days prior. Let's just say I was breastfeeding like a madwomen and exercising as soon as a was even remotely able. It was all good. I had whittled myself down to my almost former self, and was feeling pretty good about things. The blouse-y, silky, handkerchief style halter top was in so I was able to hide my not quite shrunk uterus under that. My butt was already regulation size by then since I have exceptional genetics in that department (thanks grandma Margaret!)

This reunion is cool because the pressures off and I have no expectations or anticipation regarding seeing people who have been out of my life for 10 years...these people were never in my life. I get to go and watch my husband experience all those feelings while I sip on some sort of alcoholic beverage...can't wait!

Of course the real question is "What am I going to wear?" At first I was thinking some sort of linen pant with a wedge espadrille shoe and a sleeveless blouse a la J. Crew or Anthro. Then I saw Jennifer Aniston on Oprah. When does black ever not look appropriate on Jennifer Aniston...NEVER!

Its just to bad I couldn't find a picture that showed the rest of her outfit.
But just like anything else she wears it was black and chic.

I saw Katie Holmes on the cover of ELLE.

It pretty much solidified my desire for something super simple and chic, and potentially black.

Chich in shorts perhaps?

Apparently if I want to emulate Jennifer Aniston all I need are some awesome boot cut jeans and a plethora of scarves

Ok, but this one is my FAVORITE!!

AND I love love love this Emmersonmade dress!!

Somehow I gotta find a way to parlay all of this fashion sense into an outfit for this occasion.


Kelly said...

I am totally going with the Emmersonmade navy dress. I also love her light blue wild rose! With a cute little carddy from Jcrew. DONE!

paula said...

JA is such a hotty. she cant do wrong. I am sure you will look stunning too.

Michelle said...

Love the Emmersonmade dress too. Everyone wears black to those things, blue will be something different and still smashing.