January 7, 2011

Sink Stink 2011

I woke up this morning only to be confronted by my first sink stink of the year...ya know when you let the dishes and food junk sit so long that it is just one stinky mess. I have rolled up the sleeves of my fluffy blue bathrobe and am ready to pull on my plastic gloves and have at it.

Honestly it is so hard to keep such a small are clear when it services 4 people.

Pay no attention to me in the mirror, or the fact that the mirror is filthy! See what I have to work with here? Its rough.

I need something like this ...

Its a rinsing tub from Ikea.

Or maybe something more like this...

I can dream *sigh* but for now I am off to tackle the dishes. Do you have an organization system for keeping your dishes done? Or are you also challenged by a small kitchen space. Got any good solutions? Let me know!