January 18, 2011

On the lookout

I know that many things are meant to be purely utilitarian, but living in such a small space with little room for knick knacks and art work I try and infuse interest wherever possible, which is why I am taking my calendar hunt so seriously! Here are a couple I am considering.

Also mulling over a much needed address stamp.

Top two are from Note Trunk
Bottom two are from Foryoo

Which one is your favorite?


Kelly said...

Oh that's a toughie....I really like the 1st calendar but really like the other one too. Def going with bottom left (red) on the stamp. So cute!

p.s. love the grey background..so you :)

annie said...

tough decisions!!! i really love both calendars and i'm not sure if i could make a final call... but right now i am leaning towards the first one. and i like the top left address stamp :)

Mrsuglesich said...

I love your new background! It's so cute! I think the top one is probably my favorite! SOOooo cute!

Charli said...

Ok they are all really great, but I like the circle stamp because it add fun to a rectangle envelope. I like the second calendar because its just so fun and colorful.

Jana said...

I love the top left one...oh who am I kidding? I love them all! But Derrick likes the top right the best, so prob gonna go with that one. Calendar 2011 is still up in the air ;)