January 15, 2011

Making Plans

Since I made the aforementioned house project list the wheels in my head have been spinning about what the next project around here will be. Of course, all of these things take money so I daydream, make my plans, and then figure out how to do it on the cheap. When we buy a house of our own we can throw some more serious dough at it but until then inexpensive is the way we are going here.

I have been wanting to address the toilet stall. Right now it has some heinous linoleum tile that is peeling up and shifting...and it stinks, not a super noticeable smells but still, some fresh flooring would be nice. On the upside the space is so small that the cost of flooring (no matter what it is) is not prohibitive. Just to give you an idea of what it looks like now....U-G-L-Y!

And no, the picture is not crooked...everything here is on a grade so the toiled is literally higher on one side. Annoying.

Also, notice that linoleum and lack of trim...

The plan is to lay down some white penny tile which I will have to wait to do until my dad can help me heft that toilet outta there. Also in the plan is a little garbage with a lid...scroll to the above picture and you will see why this is necessary. As I promised earlier, that Marina Isle color that has been calling my name will make an appearance and replace the blue that is already in there AND it will extend out into the hallway. Its really similar to what it already in there but it is a touch greener, just a touch, and definitely more muted. Finally I am trying to decide about the TP holder....that round thing below....it holds toilet paper. Not sure where we will put it, but the idea of clearing up a little more cupboard space elsewhere is appealing.

There is also this TP holder to consider.

Nice and simple.

This project is on the back burner somewhat because I want to do it when the weather is warmer so that the tile sets up faster....basically so we are not without a bathroom for long. More immediate is the storage issue in our bedroom. The laundry chair is going to a new home, and we have decided the Ikea Expedit cubby is going to take its place.

So original right? I know, I know, everyone has them, well that's because they are so handy and useful for stashing and hiding things in a neat and aesthetically pleasing way.

Some green boxes to bring out the green in our bedding, as well as some white ceramics on top and I think it will look really nice.

Do you have any home decor plans for the future? Let me know!